Organic Mara des Bois
The Little Berry with the Big, Untamed Taste!

In 1990, a French strawberry breeder named Jacques Marionnet set out to create a strawberry to rival the wildest of the woods. Four heirloom varieties, Gento, Ostara, Red Gauntlet and Korona were selected as parents based, not on their ease of growth or high yield potential, but rather for their individual strength of character. Each contributes a layer of flavor or texture to their unique offspring, the Mara des Bois.

The combination of flavors and textures of this hybrid is not one that will satisfy every palate. Those accustomed to large berries with firm, watery flesh or the overwhelming sweetness of strawberry jam should look elsewhere for their ideal. The Mara des Bois offers a rare balance of sweetness and acidity, the musk of wild strawberries and succulent, red-orange flesh that spreads across your palate like buttery ambrosia. The berries range in size from that of a chick pea to that of a walnut and each berry, regardless of size, exhibits this unique aromatic profile.

Wicked Wilds has a unique approach to growing the Mara des Bois. Rather than utilizing the low risk herbicides, pesticides and fungicides allowed by current organic standards we chose the no risk approach. Weeding and pruning are our herbicides and fungicides, physical barriers our pesticides. We incorporate twenty thousand dollars of organic compost, fertilizers and amendments into each acre we farm. The nutrient applications we provide the plants and soil strengthen the cell wall and the integrity of the plant system, allowing them to resist disease, naturally. The absence of fungicides allows the natural growth of beneficial microbial colonies which allow for the breakdown and conversion of organic materials into available nutrients for the plants.

These optimal photosynthetic conditions contribute to the overall health of the plants and allow them to produce healthy flowers and fruit. It is well documented that healthy, well nourished plants have higher nutritional content.

Our methods are labor intensive and that’s how we like it. The absence of chemicals and toxins in our fields means there is no risk of exposure to our field workers, wildlife or the consumers. Mara des Bois, grown in this environment, beyond organic, achieves a level of gustatory greatness that may even surpass the vision of Jacques Marionnet, himself.


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